Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting

The Everflow API is subject to per entity rate limits


The following table details the request limits for each type of entity. The quotas are shared between all users of entity. For example, different network employee api keys from a network count towards the same quota.

User Queries per second
Network 20
Affiliate 5
Advertiser 5
Partner 5

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting resets every 30 seconds. Every request contains the following headers:

Header Purpose
X-RateLimit-Limit The number of requests you can make each 30 seconds
X-RateLimit-Remaining The number of requests you can still make for the current 30 seconds window

Once you reach your limit, requests will all return a 429 error code until your 30 seconds window resets.

Concurrent Requests

On top of the rate limits, the number of concurrent requests is capped on reporting endpoints.

There can only be up to 10 concurrent requests made to the /v1/networks/reporting/* endpoints. Subsequence concurrent requests will return an error.

BigQuery Quotas

Most of the reporting endpoints in Everflow gets data in MySQL, but some data are only available in BigQuery. Calls using BigQuery are limited by hour. Please note that the Affiliate and Advertiser quotas is applicable to all activities at the network level, not per affiliate / advertiser.

User Queries per hour
Network 1000
Affiliate 1000
Advertiser 1000

Important : The number of queries is rate limited per period of 60 minutes but doesn’t necessarily match the start and end of the hour. Rate limiting will kick in whenever the number of requests exceeds the limit over any rolling period of 60 minutes.

If a call contains at least one of the following columns, it is made in BigQuery.


Country, Region, City, DMA, Carrier, ISP, Connection Type


Platform, OS Version, Device Type, Browser, Device Brand, Language, Device Model


Adv1, Avd2, Adv3, Adv4, Adv5, Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4, Sub5, Source ID, Referrer