Everflow SDK

The easiest way to setup direct linking

Direct linking allows you to track user activity on your site without requiring a redirect through a tracking link. This can useful in scenarios where the use of third-party links is prohibited or where the use of 3rd party cookies is impossible.

Setting up offers to use direct linking is described in greater details in the Everflow Helpdesk. The articles here should help setting up the javascript code that needs to run on your site in order to use direct linking successfully.

Please note the Javascript SDK is not optimized for Internet Explorer

Getting Started

Before you can do any operation with the Everflow javascript SDK, you must first add it to your site. You can do so by adding the following script tag :

<script type="text/javascript" 

Any code that makes use of the Everflow SDK must be placed below this tag.

Click Tracking

Tracking clicks using the Everflow SDK

Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversions using the Everflow SDK

Impression Tracking

Tracking impressions using the Everflow SDK

Domains Configuration

Configuring tracking domains when using the Everflow SDK

Organic Tracking

Tracking organic traffic using the Everflow SDK