Uploading Files

Operations for uploading files

Upload Temporary File

POST /v1/networks/uploads/temp

This endpoint allows you to upload files to the Everflow platform. The files uploaded via this enpoint are temporary resources and are not useful on their own. They must then be used to create another resource and serve their purpose.

For example, to add an image creative to an offer via the API, you would first need to upload the image via this endpoint. The temporary file created here would then be use in a subsequent call to actually create the image creative.

Note that the temporary files created here can only be used once before they are permanently destroyed.

Query Params

unzip boolean

Whether or not the uploaded file is a compressed (.zip) file.

mime_type string

MIME type or Media type of the uploaded file. For compressed files (when used with the query parameter unzip), either application/zip or application/x-zip-compressed has to be used.

content_base64 string

Content of the file, encoded in Base64.

    "mime_type": "application/json",
    "content_base64": "YmFzZTY0"

curl --request POST 'https://api.eflow.team/v1/networks/uploads/temp' \
--header 'X-Eflow-API-Key: <INSERT API KEY>'
    "urls": [
            "url": "https://usercontent.everflowclient.io/1/temp/edb7fa7a-24ed-4e10-961a-6c67b6246160",
            "name": ""