API Filters

API Filters

API filters can be used on certain “Find” endpoints. When available, the list of fields on which filtering is supported will be supplied in the endpoint’s description.


Enable a filter by supplying the filter query parameter. The format is the following: ?filter=<field><operator><value>.

Parameter Description
field The field to apply the filter on, varies based on endpoint
operator The operator to apply. Supported operators are listed below
value The value used by the filter


Operators are not URL safe so please use the encoded values unless you’re using an URL sanitizer.

Operator Encoded Value
= %3D
> %3E
< %3C

Code Example

This example demonstrates how to fetch affiliates whose status is active

curl --request GET 'https://api.eflow.team/v1/networks/affiliates?filter=account_status%3Dactive' \
--header 'X-Eflow-API-Key: <INSERT API KEY>'