Reporting and analytics endpoints on the Everflow API

The Everflow UI offers many different types of reports and the API is no different. There is not, however, a one-to-one relationship between every report offered in the UI and the API endpoints as certain API endpoints power many different reports.

Aggregated Data Reports

Aggregated data reports are the most commonly used reports in Everflow. This endpoint powers reports like :

  • Offer Report
  • Sub ID Report
  • Flex Report

in the Everflow UI. The reports allow you to pivot your data based on the columns of your choice while also applying filters to narrow down the scope of the data returned.

The endpoints that power these reports will allow you to pull data similar to this in the UI

View the aggregated data reports documentation

Aggregated Data Report
Aggregated data from the Flex Report

Dashboard Stats

The endpoints documented here power the cards that appear on the dashboard in the Everflow UI after you login.

While these endpoints are not as powerful or granular as the aggregated data reports, they can be useful to quickly pull summaries.

View the dashboard stats documentation

Raw Clicks

These endpoints allow you to pull unaggregated data where each click is a “row” of data.

Clicks can be pulled individually (by transaction id) or in sets. A set of clicks can be pulled at once and each click row will contain details about the event (device information, geolocation, query parameters). The set of clicks pulled can be filtered based on different criterias (offer, sub id value, etc.)

The endpoints documented in this section power the Click Report in the Everflow UI.

View the raw clicks documentation

Raw Conversions

The endpoints allow you to pull unaggregated conversion data where each conversion is a “row” of data.

The set of conversion pulled will contain detailed information about each conversion (revenue information, etc.). The set of conversions pulled can be filtered based on different criterias (offer, country, etc.)

Although it is referred to as the “conversion” report, post-conversion events are also returned by this endpoint.

The conversions can also be extracted in CSV format, effectively mimicking the export functionality from the UI.

View the raw conversions documentation