The Everflow API is organized around REST and uses built-in HTTP features (Verbs, Error Codes, etc.)

The host for all requests is All requests must be made over HTTPS.

The JSON format is returned by all API responses, including errors.

Making Requests

The Accept header is not required, though you can specify it using Accept : application/json

All requests must be authentified using your API Key (see Authentication section for more details). Requests made without authentication will fail.

Request Body

When submitting data to a resource via POST, PUT or PATCH, you must submit your payload in JSON.

{ "property" : "value" }


All requests to the Everflow API must be authenticated using an API key.

To authenticate add a X-Eflow-API-Key header to your request that contains your API Key.

For example :

# Network API
curl -H "X-Eflow-API-Key: --your-api-key--" --url

# Affiliate API
curl -H "X-Eflow-API-Key: --your-api-key--" --url

# Advertiser API
curl -H "X-Eflow-API-Key: --your-api-key--" --url

Please note that using an API key for the wrong portal (e.g. using the Affiliate API key to access an Advertiser API endpoint) will result in a 403 error with the error message Out of realm.

API Keys

You can obtain your API Key from your account by selecting “My Account” from the toolbar dropdown menu. If you’re an affiliate or an advertiser, please reach out to your account manager to request a key.

My Account

Your API Key is secret and should never be exposed. If you API Key ever becomes compromised, you can easily reset it in your account.

Reset API Key